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MacTea Instant Mix

MacTea instant mix comprises deliciously fruity flavours that are guaranteed to excite any tea lover. Tea drinkers have a wide array of sweet and tangy flavours to choose from – Strawberry, Lemon, Blackcurrant, Apple, Peach and Raspberry. Convenient sachet packs ensure that MacTea consumers can now enjoy flavoured tea of their choice anytime, anywhere. Whatever your choice may be – sweet or tangy, plain or fruity, MacTea has them all!

MacTea 3in1

An easy and enjoyable way to prepare milk tea, MacTea’s combination of creamer, tea and sugar delivers a delectable cup that is guaranteed to make you come back for more!


MacTea® are fruit-flavoured instant teas that suit children’s and adults’ tastes alike.

MacTea® is great to let you quickly serve iced tea in summer and warm you up in winter.

To get your cup, just mix it with a cup of hot or cold water and stir thoroughly.