Rajul Shrestha (CEO, Arksh Group)

Rajul Shrestha (Chief Executive Officer)

I am in no misconception about what an enormous privilege it is to be sharing a few words on this page as the CEO of Arksh Group. Life for me, so far, has been a journey filled with unexpected interactions and results. These experiences have been the determinants of my characteristics; that is of an individual with a keen interest in learning and gaining new information and continuously building my knowledge.  Having spent nearly half my life abroad for studies, I have had vast exposure of foreign customs, institutions and systems. Perhaps this is the reason that has led me to envision a modern future for Arksh Group. I believe it is important to move with, if not ahead of time. Yet, the core principals upon which the company was established will always remain the fundamentals for every avenue we turn.

Completing my Master’s degree with distinction from England, United Kingdom felt like a huge accomplishment at the time but now, I face bigger challenges. As I commence my journey as the CEO of one of the most influential companies of the nation, I am very well aware of the huge responsibility I carry towards the company itself, our partners, our customers and also towards the society we live in. As I look ahead at the long road that stretches in front of me, I am even more determined to work rigorously hard to fulfill my duties.

With the recent revamp of the brand image, I envision to create a better working environment for our staff who play a crucial role in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. This, in turn, will drive the success of the company and along with it our society too.

It is my belief that every part of the society we live in must advance with the economy of the nation. We should give back to the society that we live and work in by helping the needed. We must provide equal opportunities to those who are qualified as well as to those who are less able than the rest. We must instill upon every single individual that they are proficient, no matter what their capabilities, everyone is capable of achieving their goals. This attitude is critical is driving the society forward and to provide such opportunities will be one amongst the many contribution of Arksh Group to the society.