Hafei, officially Hafei Motor Co., Ltd., is a Chinese automaker that manufactures sedans; MPVs; and mini vehicles, small trucks and vans for commercial use. It is currently a subsidiary of the Chang’an Automobile Group.

The Hafei Group has its own automobile and automobile engine research and development centre. This is in addition to the technical coolaboration with top Italian, British, Asutrian and Japanese car makers and designers.

Hafei Zhongyi, Lobo and Saibao were designed and developed jointly with Pininfarina of Italy, while the Saima was developed with technology introduced from Mitsubishi of Japan. HF Minyi (MinZ), HF Ruiyi, HF Baili and Songhhuajiang minibus and mini-trucks were designed and developed in-house.

The automobile engines of the group comprises several tens of varieties series and 4G1/4G9 series developed in cooperation with Mitsubishi of Japan. All these products features advanced technology, excellent power performance, reliability and fuel economy.

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