VNPT Technology was established on 06/01/2011 with a charter capital of VND 500 billion and is operated as a joint stock company. Inheriting resources and experience accumulated after nearly 20 years between two joint ventures: Alcatel Network Systems Vietnam – ANSV (joint venture between VNPT and Alcatel CIT of the French Republic since 1993) and Telecommunications Equipment – Teleq (joint venture between VNPT and Siemens AG of Federal Republic of Germany since 1995). VNPT Technology is owning and continuing to develop professionals team who are mature from the  beginning days of the digitized telecommunications network age, together with the technical infrastructure which is accumulated from the joint ventures, the Company has gradually affirmed its pioneer position and role in research, development and manufacture of electronic equipment, Telecommunications and Information technology. VNPT Technology  is considered as one of the four pillars and the driving force of VNPT Group, in the field of Industrial Technology, Post and Telecommunications industry, Information Technology, Communication and Digital content industry.